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Rootcode labs participates at Fireside Summit. United Kingdom’s first off-grid startup technology festival.

Rootcode labs is all about exploring the latest technologies and trends. In the thirst of exploring and introducing groundbreaking technologies, we go in search of tech innovators, investors and entrepreneurs.

Fireside Summit is one such occasion where Rootcode labs was privileged to be around the Campfire, immersing in interactive sessions, finding new perspectives and sharing new technologies for better wellbeing. It is the UK’s first off grid start up technology festival which took place in the city of Bath on the 03rd and 04th of September 2019.

Fireside Summit is created by startups for startups. With conferences covering AI, robotics, drones, tech-for-good, security, privacy, identity and much more Fireside Summit was a most unconventional gathering full of fresh air and fresh ideas. It was about unplugging from technology and reconnecting with nature itself with a river bubbling past the campsite.

The Summit which concentrates on minimalism by connecting with nature to discuss technology without technology getting in the way, is another key value which Rootcode labs stands by as well. To achieve our mission of “To be the trusted technology partner for businesses worldwide and help them create the best technological solutions”, we strongly believe that being armed with fresh ideas and connecting with people with in depth insight of emerging  technologies is the way forward. As a responsible organisation we strive to become greater and give back to the society, and being part of the Fireside Summit was just a stepping stone.