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Day in the life of a Rootcoder

You would expect on a usual “Monday morning” to see gloomy faces or pretty low energy levels among colleagues at your work place. But with all the colors at the entrance one could hardly not be energetic even on a “Monday morning” at Rootcode labs. The day starts with a small standup team briefing initiated by the CEO; Mr. Alagan Mahalingam where employees share their updates on the work they were working on before the weekend. Updates are shared within 5-10 mins and then the CEO leaves the team to carry on with their day’s work with an encouraging word of “Have a good day, guys!”

With the company values of “Excellence”, “Collaboration” and “Integrity”, Rootcode labs’ Developers and Tech Leads along with their project managers thrive to develop Software applications that makes its user’s lives easier

The team works with great collaboration to achieve the day’s plans with a balance of work and play. It is also the company belief that, if its employees are treated well, empowered, given the freedom to voice ideas and kept happy their productivity will be increased which will help the company achieve more.

The current team is made up of tech enthusiasts who have excelled in many new technologies and who are thirsty for exciting challenges. Having an opportunity to be a part of this team, grow within this team, realize your own strengths and weaknesses, work in collaboration with foreign clients and to be a part of building exciting applications would be a dream come true to many of the software developers out there searching to making an impact and a difference in the world through technology.

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