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Introducing our Chief Operating Officer – Mangala Perera

We are very excited to welcome Mangala Perera into our Rootcode Family as the new Chief Operating Officer. 

Mangala brings more than 23 years of leadership and experience in building a multinational firm, which will complement the current significant growth of Rootcode. 

” I have been closely observing Rootcode and its journey throughout the last few years. I am very impressed with its progressive prominence in becoming a preferred technology partner to many leading firms in the North American and European market, the people of Rootcode, and the inclusive culture.

Mangala joins Rootcode, holding an impressive track record in the IT industry. In a career spanning more than two decades, Mangala started off as a Software Engineer and rose through the ranks to become the Vice President of Software Operations at IFS, taking charge of the Research & Development unit of Sri Lanka and leading 700+ professionals. During his tenure, he has led a series of transformational growth initiatives across the organization and was a prominent pillar in transforming IFS into one of the largest multinational enterprise software companies in Sri Lanka. 

Mangala is an active general council member of Sri Lanka Association for Software and Services Companies (SLASSCOM) and is a board member of the Center for IT Education Services (CITES) in the Open University of Sri Lanka. 

Mangala graduated from the University of Colombo in 1998, with a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science. He also holds an MBA in Human Resource Management and Services from Cardiff Metropolitan University, UK. 

Outside of work, Mangala is a runner and has participated in competitions around the world including Göteborgsvarvet – an annual half-marathon running competition held in Sweden. He is also an active member of the Colombo City Running, a community-based recreational running group which aims to promote and improve a healthier lifestyle in Sri Lanka. Mangala also does gardening when he is not working or running 🙂 

“I do running as a non-competitive sport, and it helps me stay healthy and focused. I cover 20-25 kilometres every week, including my favourite Sunday morning run with my running buddies. I also support our Couch-to-5K program, where we train non-runners to run 5K in 6 weeks. Even though running challenges me to beat myself in every run, what I most enjoy is helping buddy runners meet their fitness goals. Also, I like to spend my weekends with my small vegetable patches and flower beds, which brings me closer to nature”  

Rootcode already serves a very unique clientele. We have been providing engineering, design, AI, and Quality Assurance solutions for over 27 divergent industries. Mangala believes that continuing to keep the promise of delivering the best software solutions and supporting our clients to grow and win is what keeps Rootcode going, no matter what. 

Globally, we have seen the demand for technology services increasing exponentially over the last few years. Together with Mangala, Rootcode has a set of interesting goals in mind to achieve; to push more boundaries in this dynamic industry and to help our customers transform their business with technology. His blend of leadership and expertise is something that we are looking forward to leveraging at Rootcode.

Mangala has always been a fan of Rootcode’s inclusiveness. He expresses his fondness towards Rootcode’s capacity to learn and grow while sustaining the fun element within the culture. He also said he is loving the right balance of friendliness and dedication within the team. 

Rootcode has a culture where everyone takes ownership of the work they do, which is a strong indicator of high-performance organizations.  Also, we have a diverse and inclusive culture which is not only just numbers but also their representation in making decisions and leading teams.”

Rootcode Founder & CEO – Alagan Mahalingam with Mangala Perera

Commenting on the appointment, Rootcode Founder & CEO, Alagan Mahalingam Stated: “I am very excited to welcome Mangala Perera into the Rootcode family. Mangala has done a lot for the IT industry over the last 23 years and I’m looking forward to doing great things with him at Rootcode.”

“I am excited to be part of the Rootcode family to venture into multiple areas through Rootcode Labs, Rootcode AI, Rootcode Analytics, Rootcode Studio, Rootcode Enterprise, and Rootcode Investments. I see great potential in Rootcode to scale up the impact we make on our customers’ businesses by expanding to new regions and industries and making Rootcode a preferred technology partner for companies seeking to build great tech. “