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Rootcode Labs unveils new corporate headquarters in Colombo

The company moved into a new office with Alagan continuing to serve as its CEO and Chief Software Architect. Describing its vision he said, “The focus of Rootcode Labs is to build world-class software products by being the technology partner for organizations.” Already, Rootcode Labs is working towards building products for companies both large and small across the world.

With this success, Alagan shared that the company is now looking at expanding into the US and Europe. Elaborating on this, he said, “We already have clients in the US and Europe. So we’re looking at setting up offices in California and Tallinn, Estonia to serve them better.” But this is merely the surface.

Alagan points to the Rootcode logo and explains, “There are six sides to the Rootcode Hexagon. The first one is Rootcode Labs, which will be focused on technology and product engineering. But we have five other areas, which we will be gradually expanding into.” These five other areas are as follows:

  • Rootcode Analytics: Enabling businesses, governments, or any organisation passionate about making data driven decisions and derive conclusions from millions of data records.
  • Rootcode AI: This is already functional to a degree. But the vision for Rootcode AI is to operate as a pure research arm that explores the possibilities of AI by partnering with Universities and research institutes worldwide while also collaborating with Rootcode Labs to inject AI into the products they build… Read More