Rootcode Studio Launch

Rootcode Studio Launch
Rootcode Studio Launch Moment

Together, we have made Sri Lanka a preferred destination for great engineering talent. Our country has been marked on the map for many great things over the years, but when it comes to design our mind takes us to places like London, Paris, or San Francisco. We analyzed the talent that’s available in Sri Lanka and realized that we do have great design talent that could match and even exceed the design standards of those internationally recognized design agencies. 

Rootcode Studio was launched with a mission, to make Sri Lanka a preferred design destination. Aligning with the grander vision of Rootcode, Rootcode Studio will focus on building a great digital User Experience (UX) across all the products we build. We are on a quest to help businesses solve their design challenges, to help businesses realize the power of great design in transforming their brands and ideas.

The launch was held on 29th January at the Mont Blanc Ballroom, Movenpick Hotel with the participation of some of the renowned icons leading the country’s technology landscape. Check out all of our launch pictures here.

Rootcode Studio is one of Sri Lanka’s first premium design studios, focusing on end-to-end design. Rootcode Studio is made up of a diverse team of UI/UX designers, product designers, design consultants, strategists, and creatives who will take on every project by challenging conventional thinking to ensure the ideal product that exceeds all possible expectations.

Rootcode Studio Team

Our services include UI/UX Design that is bespoke, user-centric experience-based, customized on the brand style of the client, UX Audit to evaluate and upgrade existing products through its immense expertise in this area, UX Research which involves systematic and scientific study methods in recognizing the mindsets and pain points of the product’s end-users.

The Rootcode Studio Design Process (3i’s) firstly involves Immerse; to gain an effectual end-user perspective with the outcome being an immersion map that includes user expectations, mentality, and research results, secondly Ideate; taking a direction and onboarding the team to further explore and clarify pain points, and thirdly; Innovate; to provide a range of solutions from multiple perspectives including user research carried out through prototype testing and upon identifying the ideal design, to provide an optimum UX.

Our team of UI/UX designers, Product Designers, Consultants are ready to serve clients with end-to-end UX Consulting, Design Thinking Workshops to educate client teams and groups on UI/UX designs through knowledge transfer and sharing strategies, MVPs that are ideal for startup enterprises, and developing comprehensible, reusable Design Systems utilized to maintain brand consistency across the board.

If you would like to know more details about Rootcode Studio and its work, feel free to visit our website and check it out.