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SHIFT Business Festival 2019 is the 4th consecutive festival organized in Turku, Finland, gathering together 3000 innovators & decision makers. SHIFT is a non-profit organization driven by volunteers and supported by a network of community.

It is a festival connecting groundbreaking technologies with leaders of traditional industries. Shift attracts radical innovators and everyone with a curious mind. With the theme of the year “Shapeshifting Intelligence”, presentations and discussions ranging from Artificial Intelligence, Circular Economy, Machine Learning to The Future of Human-Machine Interface will be held with keynote speakers and partners.

Rootcode labs is proud to have partnered with SHIFT 2019 as an innovative startup alongside corporate giants in the European market and to join the party of radical innovators, leaders of traditional industries and modern-day Einsteins. We also take pride in winning the trust and partnership of the European market as a Sri Lankan company.

Rootcode labs creates great software. Our experience in working with 30+ business verticals over half a decade delivering the best software solutions globally, has made us one of the most trusted IT partners among many organizations.

Our CEO, Mr. Alagan Mahalingam himself was present at the festival for a one on one meeting with the participants at the Partners Area and help them create the next big software that they’ve been dreaming of.

The SHIFT festival not only hosts discussions and presentations, but also hosts an Art & Experiences program which has been designed to create a unique and holistic festival experience with experimental decorations, thought-provoking art installations, surprise performances, music and other entertainment.